Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery MVHR

Mechanical Ventilation
with Heat Recovery

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery MVHR

Mechanical Ventilation
with Heat Recovery

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

SHB Offer a full range of MVHR installation and maintenance services.

MVHR Simplified Diagram of Operation

What Is MVHR?

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a modern system of ventilation.  MVHR systems extract stale, moist air from the inside of the house, harvest the warmth from it and use that to heat clean, cool, filtered air brought in from outside.

This system is more efficient than traditional forms of heating and air filtering because conventional methods lose heat from the home to the air outside. This system also helps to eliminate condensation inside a home.

How Does MVHR Work?

1) Stale, dirty and moist air is extracted from the rooms of the house via unobtrusive ceiling or wall mounted louvred vents.

2) The extracted air is ducted through the heat recovery unit’s counter flow heat exchanger which removes heat from the air before it leaves the house through external vents.

3) Cool fresh air is brought into the house, filtered and then warmed using the water heater coil which transferred the heat recovered from the discharged air. An electrical heater adds additional heat as required to maintain a pleasant air temperature.

4) The warm, purified air is then ducted back through the house to the rooms in use and is quietly delivered through ceiling or wall supply registers, adjustable, louvred vents.

MVHR Diagram of How It Works

This air then makes its way through the 75mm anti static radial ducting system, directly back to extract plenum box by directly connecting each inlet/outlet there is zero leakage from there then back to the heat recovery unit via galvanised rigid ducting. Before being discharged outside, it passes through the counter flow heat exchanger giving up its heat to the cold fresh air coming into the house.

Why Use MVHR?

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery offers a range of benefits over traditional systems and leaves your home more comfortable, feeling better and smelling fresher 24 hours a day.

Health Benefits of MVHR

Depleted air is continuously replaced by fresh, balanced air.
Unwanted odours, smoke and airborne dust are removed from the house.
Pollen, spores and other pollutants are filtered out of inbound air for a healthy interior. This is a real boon for people with Asthma and Allergy Sufferers.
Reducing the humidity of your home can reduce infestations of dust mites in your home.
Unwanted cooking and pet odours are continuously eliminated instead of lingering for days.
Temperatures are maintained to provide a stable atmosphere and continuous comfort.
Your home will be cooler on hot and humid summer days.
Doors & Windows can be kept closed during the day and at night while you sleep for improved home security.
Condensation problems are eliminated from your home, no fungus or mould to damage to your health or wallet!

MVHR Offers High Energy Efficiency

  • Heat Recovery is energy-efficient because less heat is lost, so heating costs are usually reduced.

  • Conventional ventilation systems simply dump the heat from a building outside with the dirty air.

  • SHB use premium quality heat exchangers for the ultimate heat recovery efficiency.

  • MVHR systems improve your SAP ratings.

  • Trickle vents and other extractor fans are not required which means a quieter and more comfortable home.