Many people think that changing to a green energy source won’t make that much difference; but you’ll be surprised.

Firstly, there’s your health to think about. All gas products emit a low level toxin and whilst this won’t affect the majority of people, those suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma might suffer from the adverse effects of the gas fumes.

Electricity inside the home isn’t a problem, but electricity is generated through the pylons that are dotted around the country. Pylons have been linked in some cases to the prevalence of cancer, and by reducing our electricity consumption, we will also reduce the number of pylons.

So changing over to a green energy product isn’t just about saving money, it’s about choosing a healthier alternative and thinking about our planet. Solihull Bathrooms and Heating recommend the following green water sources.

Solar Panels

Inside a solar panel there are hundreds of small cells, which absorb the photons released by the sun. These then turn into electrons and electrons convert into electricity.  The water in your tank is then heated by the electricity created by the solar panels.

Even on cloudy days, when you might need the back-up of a boiler, the solar panels will keep working, so that you can reduce your thermostat setting, which will save you money.

Solar panels are normally placed on the roof of your house and how many you need, will depend on the size of your family and your water consumption.

It is a low maintenance product and it is much cheaper than gas or electricity. You will need space on your roof to install a solar panel and a large family will need more than one.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work like fridges, but they look like air conditioning units, only larger. An electric fan inside the unit pulls in the cold air from outside, which is then converted into liquid gas by way of a refrigerant. The liquid gas turns into hot air which is used to heat the cold water in your tank.

The refrigerant inside the pump does not contain CFC gas, so you are not damaging the ozone layer and it emits much less CO2 than gas or electricity which is contributing to global warming.

Installing a heat pump in a new build is obviously easier than installing one in an older building. The work will involve the installation of new pipework and a new boiler. A thermostat inside you home controls the temperature.

A heat pump can be put in the garden, on a small patio, or even on a balcony, like solar panels they are cheap to run and they will save you a great deal of money on your gas or electricity bill and both heat pumps and solar panels are definitely worth the initial outlay.

Once the system is installed you will have much less reliance on electricity and gas. The sun doesn’t increase its prices, or stop working because of a wage dispute. You will have more money in your pocket and, you’ll be doing your bit to save our planet.

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