boilerHomeowners, who need to have a boiler system installed on their property, frequently are in a quandary when it comes to reaching a decision on whether to opt for a vented or an unvented hot water system. Well, both have their pros and cons and a variety of aspects need to be taken into account, before deciding to settle for one.

As a new heating system involves a fair bit of expenditure it necessitates being prudent in one’s choice of heating solution. It is always advisable to seek professional assistance as an expert can take you through the options and is qualified to decide which would be the most appropriate for your property.

This is a brief overview of vented and unvented heating systems and their pros and cons:

Pros of vented systems

These work from the supply provided by the cold water storage tank. They are generally connected to the cylinder via a vent pipe. An additional benefit of having a vented system installation is they are simple to set-up as well as require low maintenance. They are specifically designed to minimize the use of power so that translates into lower utility costs. Another great feature is that they are compatible with practically all types of water outlets. The cold water tank is mostly fitted in the attic although; it can be fitted elsewhere depending upon the space available on your property. They are an efficient source of heating and hot water.


They may require the use of a pump to enhance the pressure of water flow. As the flow relies on the force of gravity it is relatively slower. In addition a vented system needs a cold water storage tank and a pipe connection which occupy space; something which maybe at a premium in a bedsit or a small flat.  This system is better suited for limited outlets of water.

Advantages Of An Unvented System

These work directly from the mains and deliver water at a higher pressure. It works great for multiple bathrooms or outlets of water. The flow of water is much swifter because of the greater pressure. It precludes the need for having an additional cold water storage tank and saves on space. These are more energy efficient and heat water faster than vented tanks, which have vents or openings which dissipate energy. They come in various metal types and those with better insulation tend to be more expensive. Unvented systems provide stable pressure and are beneficial for large households that have multiple bathrooms and water outlets.



The main drawback with this system is that they are not compatible with all types of taps and showers. Besides the homeowner needs to be discerning when selecting the capacity of a cylinder, as buying something which is excessively large would mean vast quantities of heated water could go to waste and could generate a rise in energy bills.


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