Nest, the Smart device and tech company bought by Google for almost £2billion in January is launching its Smart Thermostat product in the UK – which promises to help people cut their energy bills here without needing to be programmed.

Instead, the device learns how you use your heating – the more you use it, the smarter it gets. It will find out your preferences and when you tend to turn your heating up and calculate and control your heating system to deliver you this comfort in the most economical way. Nest believe that having to programme devices doesn’t work and is actually a bit of a pain!

We are instead incresingly likely to see this type of artificial intelligence around the home which learns from and responds to our behaviour and desired conditions for our home environment.

The Smart Thermometer will also be able to detect if no-one is home and reduce the heating accordingly.

The device is to cost £180 independently or £250 installed. Nest are going to be working with NPower to offer the device to their six million customers in the UK.

You can see more information on the news article here.