Choosing a new boiler or central heating system is an important decision, and one you’ll benefit from for decades to come.

Clean & Green

Here at Solihull Heating & Bathrooms we consider ourselves to be leaders in Green Technology, Alternative heat source and conventional heating systems, and are fully committed to helping you, our valued customer, save the maximum amount possible on your heating bills.

Please click a heading below to read my opinions on how investing in one of the latest high-efficiency A-rated boilers will result in long-term, lasting changes that lower your heating bills:


Modern A-rated high-efficiency boilers are available for each of the three types of central heating system; Regular, Combination and System. The right boiler for you will depend on whether you are just replacing the boiler or whether you want to change your entire central heating system. If you are contemplating a total system change, a reputable Gas Safe company like ourselves, who will work with you to discuss your heating needs, your lifestyle and your property, as these factors should help guide you and your decision.

If your existing boiler is very old, it is likely a regular, conventional boiler with a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard and a cold water storage tank in the loft. System boilers work on the same principle but there is no need for a tank in the loft as the major components are built-in. This makes installation quicker and more space-efficient. If your home has more than two bathrooms, or your mains water pressure is low, you’ll want to stick with your existing system (conventional or system) as they offer faster flow rates than a combination boiler, and can offer backup electrical heating via an immersion. You main route to lowering your energy bills with one of these systems is to invest in an A-rated, high-efficiency boiler.
The latest A-rated high-efficiency conventional or system boilers are the best option for larger properties or homes with low mains water pressure.  The length of time it takes you to recoup the cost of a new boiler and installation will depend on the age and condition of your existing boiler and the size of your home. For instance, if you are replacing a very old boiler, you could realize a 50 per cent reduction on your current bills but this would be an extreme example. A brand-new A-rated boiler will be far more energy efficient than an older model and you will see dramatically lower energy bills as a result. A new boiler for a conventional or system central heating system lets you keep the benefits of having your heating and hot water together. These boilers are fully compatible with solar systems if you have solar panels on your roof, or should you decide solar may be something you might consider in the future.
If your existing central heating system has no storage tank in the loft and no cylinder in the airing cupboard, you have got a combination boiler which saves space and offers continuous hot water. Such boilers account for over half of all the new domest