bathrooms for disabled people

We design and fit bathrooms to suit your specific requirements whilst ensuring they are as attractive and stylish as they are functional.

Baths come in a range of designs which can include push button opening, side inward opening doors and cushioned seats. You can have a bath and a shower combined, or one with a whirlpool to help ease muscular aches.  There are also baths that will fit in a corner space if your bathroom is small, but if you want a larger bath then these are also available.

Shower Options & Privacy

If you prefer a shower there are a wide range of cubicles available. If other members of your family share your bathroom you can have a half cubicle fitted with full height doors, which affords more privacy than a half door option during busy mornings. It can be supplied with a seat and grab rail if required and the shower tray has an anti-slip surface.  If you prefer a cubicle with half height doors, you can choose between a single left or right opening door, or pick double bi-folding doors.

Another useful option is a cubicle with a toilet, this is perfect if you are short of space and perhaps thought you wouldn’t have room for a cubicle.  The toilets are wall hung and can be adjusted at the correct height and make cleaning much easier.
Some customers prefer to have a wet room.  These have anti-slip tiled or vinyl floors that slope slightly with a small gully, so that the water drains away properly.

A small room might only contain a shower, whilst bigger rooms can also a have a sink unit and a toilet.

If you need a shower seat think about whether you want a chair that folds away, one with arms or just a simple plastic seat. Support rails also come in various sizes and designs, so you can choose exactly what you need.

Some people can be anxious about making changes to their bathroom, thinking that grab rails and shower seats will look plain and ugly.  Nothing could be further from the truth. A bathroom which affords easy access for a disabled client can look just as elegant and beautiful as any other. You can add attractive accessories and stylish tiles to really make your bathroom stand out and become a place that you love to spend time in.

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